Our superior service includes a free site visit and quote where we can discuss your individual requirements.  We can also supply a wide range of split systems for your convenience with a free delivery in Geelong Region. Call us now to discuss your air conditioning needs.

Our Installation Team will:

  • Respect your home and keep their work areas clean and tidy
  • Keep to time schedules
  • Be prompt and work efficiently
  • Minimize disruption

Our Installation team consists of:

  • Plumbing Industry Commission Licence
  • Disconnect/Reconnect Workers Licence
  • Refrigerant Handling Licence
  • ARC tick Certified Technicians
  • AAA Licensed Electricians
Installation Guild Line

A few tips when deciding what type of installation you will need.

  • Is you home brick or weatherboard?
  • Is your roof flat/pitched and tin or tile?
  • Is there any asbestos in your walls and eves?
  • Where is you switch board located?
  • What condition is your switchboard in?


Standard Installations (Back-to-Back)

A standard installation will be a back to back installation consisting of the following:

  • backbackA pipe run being approximately 3 meter runs between the indoor head unit and the outdoors condensing unit.
  • Plastic or Rubber Feet supplied for outdoor unit
  • Condensation drain
  • Interconnecting cables
  • Smart Duct and head cover
  • Independent hard wire to meter box including 20 amp circuit breaker (required by Law)
  • Outdoor manual isolation switch (required by law to safely turn off unit for maintenance)


  • Double storey houses
  • Wall brackets
Alternative Installations

Alternative installations, which need to be quoted

  • Internal wall installations i.e. pipe work going through ceiling or wall cavities to external unit
  • Multi-head unit installations
  • Ceiling cassettes
  • Ducted installations
  • Floor mounted units
  • Long pipe runs >2.5m
  • Roof bracket on pitched roof
  • Tiled roof lead flashing

Condensation Pump


Roof bracket on pitched roof

Geelong & Beyond

JP AIR - Air conditioning repairs, installation & maintenance in Geelong and the surrounding areas including the Bellerine Peninsula, Surf Coast, Colac, Ballarat and Western Melbourne.


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